New entry and Resident visa Rules in UAE

New entry and Resident visa Rules in UAE

The UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) has been a major attraction for visitors and businessmen alike. For many it’s a matter of pride in setting up a business in the UAE and are always looking for information pertaining to company setup in Dubai. High growth attracts highly talented workforce from all over the world. There are a lot of reasons for people to choose the UAE, for company setup, such as liberal tax policies, bright future prospects, robust infrastructure and easy company setup procedures.

new policies for entry and resident visas have been announced and implemented by the government of UAE. the government has created brand-new categories that encompasses the advantages, including those looking towards strategic location for business setup and for offshore company formation.

The new scheme is targeted at attracting skilled and talented people, boosting tourism, and eventually increasing educational, economic flexibility and attracting investors. The new scheme does not require a host or local sponsor.

Below we’ve listed these new visa categories in easy to digest format for you.

Golden Visa Scheme 

The golden visa holders receive a 10 years permit to stay in the UAE. 

The modified scheme allows golden residence holders to sponsor their spouse, children (regardless of their age), family members and domestic help (unlimited number). 

Family members can stay in the UAE even after the demise of the original visa holder. 

The maximum time limit of staying outside of the UAE is unobstructed to keep the golden residence visa valid.

Stockholders, entrepreneurs, scientists, frontline workers, outstanding students and graduates, exceptional talents, real estate investors and humanitarian pioneers are eligible to get golden visas. 

People who want to conduct research and have a master's degree or PhD in a relevant field are also eligible to get a golden visa. 

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Green Residence visa (5 years)

This visa is granted for 5 years. 

Freelancers, self-employed people, entrepreneurs, skilled and talented professionals are eligible to receive green visas. 

The updated scheme offers visa holders to stay in the UAE for up to six months after their visa expires or is cancelled.

This visa does not require any sponsor or host if you hold a valid permit employment status in the case of skilled professionals and a self-employed permit for freelancers as weak as self-employed people. 

It has a different category for investors, called ‘green residence investor’, which permits investors 5 years of residency to indulge in commercial activity. Freshers can also easily get this visa if they have a proper degree from a reputable college.

This visa encourages company formation agent in Dubai, investors and partners and permits them residency for 5 years which was 2 years previously, to conduct commercial activities. This visa requires the applicant to submit proof of investment. 

New Entry Visa 

Amendments have opened up several categories in new entry visas. 

This category does not require a host or sponsor. It offers one portal for visa application, sixty days validity from the visa approval, and multiple entries.

New entry visas can be permitted for tourism purposes, short visit purposes, business, temporary work missions, job purposes or starting businesses like trade licence consultant in Dubai.

This visa has been unrestricted to encourage investors and entrepreneurs to investigate business and increase investment opportunities in the UAE and does not need a sponsor or host. 

For job exploration visa entry, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree from a reputed university is required; that is the minimum criteria for job exploration visa entry. The main purpose of this category is to attract skilled and talented youth worldwide. It is granted to the people who are qualified at first, second or third skill set level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. 

A temporary work mission visa is for people who are working on a project people who want an internship or training are also eligible for this visa. 

A person with a tourist visa does not require a sponsor and can stay in the UAE for up to 90 days, which can be extended to 180 days. For this visa, a person needs to show a minimum 4000$ bank balance or equivalent to that amount in foreign currency during the last six months before submitting the visa application. 

Final Word

The UAE has always been an attraction for all, whether it's for Company setup in Dubai or to find a  job. If you're someone who is enticed towards the growth of the UAE and setting up a business there, we can help you. 

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