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When it comes to doing business in the UAE market, the ideal license to work is the Mainland License. For setting up in UAE on a mainland license, you’d need a local business sponsor in Dubai or local partner/company as a local agent on your license. In the case of manufactures/producers/industrial, this local partner or local sponsor for business in Dubai will hold at least 51% shares of the company, whereas for the services sector you can completely hold the 100% shares of your company, local will not hold any shares in the company, his name will be on the license as local sponsor for business in Dubai or local Service agent. Though the following can be asserted by the UAE government with the amount of investment and the business activity as well. Last year UAE government has announced 100% ownership of Mainland companies on the basis of business activity and investment.

We, at Probity Corporate Services, get you a very reliable, trustworthy, and cooperative company that can act as a local business sponsor in Duani or a local agent both a corporate sponsor or an individual sponsor when you register your business with the mainland license for a substrate option-based annual fee.


When it comes to finding a local sponsor for business in Dubai or loacl partner for your mainland license, we help you find a trustworthy, reliable, and cooperative local sponsor for business in Dubai or local partner for your license for an annual subscription fee.


Individual UAE National

A UAE national will be a local partner or UAE company local sponsor for you when you register your business with the mainland license. This UAE company local sponsor or partner will hold 51% of shares in terms of production/industrial sectors whereas it won’t hold any share in the case of services as looking for a local sponsor in Dubai. In

Local Service Agent

A local service agent is particularly a company owned by a UAE national. They act as a UAE company local sponsor when you register a company through the mainland license. They are preferred over an individual since a person might die but the companies won’t. Therefore, many corporates prefer a tie-up with a UAE company over an individual.


How feasible is it to get a local sponsor through us?

We understand that many entrepreneurs fear the concept of handing over 51% of their shares to a local sponsor in Dubai or local sponsor UAE. That’s why our Local Sponsorship programs help you save your valuable time you’d spend in building rapport. We provide you trustworthy and reliable local sponsors to give you that peace of mind.

Who are local sponsor in Dubai? Or looking for sponsor in Dubai?

Local sponsor in Dubai or local sponsor UAE can be individuals who should be UAE nationals or can be a UAE owned company, who are willing to take responsibility to bring foreign companies or expatriate in UAE as an investor, or as an employee in UAE.

looking for local sponsor in Dubai . Every expatriate shareholder required sponsorship from a local sponsor in Dubai or local sponsor UAE if they want to incorporate a company in the UAE mainland.

Individual Versus Corporate Sponsors, Who Are Preferable?

Choosing between an Individual or a Corporate Sponsor or looking for sponsor in Dubai is usually depends on the business capacity and willingness to invest in the sponsorship requirements. It’s usually advised to opt or looking for sponsor in Dubai for a company as sponsor as they have complete setups in Dubai, so there are low-risk factors as compared to individuals. Looking for local sponsor in Dubai.

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