Compelling Reasons to Kickstart Your IT or Tech-based Company in a Dubai Free Zone

Compelling Reasons to Kickstart Your IT or Tech-based Company in a Dubai Free Zone

Dubai is the dream city that attracts global interest from tech entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to set up their businesses or invest in the leading startup hubs of the Middle East. Dubai because of its excellent infrastructure and impressive support services has captured the attention of foreign investors and has successfully opened their eyes to look for business opportunities in Dubai. With the emergence of new innovations in the IT sector and improved accessibility of tech-based devices, more and more entrepreneurs are willing to start their own IT or tech-based companies in Dubai.


Dubai Free Zones to Facilitate Tech-Based Company

According to the latest study, Dubai invested a whopping amount of $20 bn in IT and innovation in 2021 and is looking forward to investing more. However, setting up your IT or tech business in Dubai mainland will require the presence of a physical office to operate your business. But in the Dubai free zone, this is not compulsory. 


Dubai free zones are offering amazing high-class facilities to tech-based entrepreneurs to support their business growth. It is interesting to know that the world's most prestigious companies such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Cisco, etc have their offices in Dubai-free zones.


Reasons to Set up a Tech Business in Dubai Free Zone


Lenient Regulatory Environment

Typically, a free zone offers 100% tax concessions and low-cost transport links, lowering your overall business expenditures. You can benefit from complete ownership while avoiding personal and corporate tax obligations. This will give you plenty of time to analyse and plan forward with your tech business. Being involved with technology incurs significant R&D(research and development) costs, thus registering your business in a free zone will be advantageous in the long term.


Great Infrastructure

Working in a free zone will expose you to some of the best amenities that will play a crucial role in the development of your tech company in the long term. Well-equipped office spaces, local airports, strategic transportation links, and many things can benefit your tech company's logistics. 


Opportunity for Innovation

Dubai is surrounded by cutting-edge technology that can be an added advantage for the development of your tech company. From blockchain technology to quantum computing to artificial intelligence, the UAE facilitates it all. When you apply these latest technologies to your firm, it can aid in the free zone's long-term growth and collaboration.


Seamless Business Set-Up Procedure

Many Dubai Free Zone areas are dedicated to assisting your startup's successful debut. The team of professionals at various Free Zone assists business owners with seamless and easy registration, licencing, paperwork, documentation, legal guidance, and tax counselling- all to ensure a smooth start-up procedure.


Setting up Your Tech Business in Dubai

The steps to setting up a tech business in Dubai are quite easy. First, your need to decide on your company name. Make sure your business is unique. Then you need to choose a jurisdiction that will benefit you with tax regimes and tech-related facilities. Afterwards, you can apply for a business licence. You will be directed to submit the necessary documents to get approval for your licence. Next, you need to apply for a visa. When you are done with everything, you can open your bank account.  


Final Words

We are a team of professionals specialising in business set-up, company liquidation, company structuring, licence amendments, visa services and more! Our services are available in both Dubai's mainland and free zone areas.


We are here to assist you with your tech-business set-up journey and guide you from the beginning till the end.


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