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Dubai is well-known across the world as an international center for all sorts of industries with hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesspersons. However, the gigantic business hub is also home to many freelancers. If you wish to grab this opportunity and do some great freelance work in Dubai, then we will facilitate everything for you with utmost ease.

Anyone looking forward to conducting business in Dubai will be greeted with a hospitable and encouraging business environment leading to success. Engaging in freelance work in Dubai is as simple as it gets, but only with the correct support. You might even find the opportunity to turn your freelance permit into a full business that widens into an enterprise. No harm in dreaming of a successful career in Dubai. We will help you get through all those with the easy access of Dubai freelance visa.

The first step to realizing your dream is obtaining a Dubai freelance visa which enables you to reside and work in Dubai.

What is a freelance license in Dubai?

A freelance license in Dubai, also called a Dubai freelance permit allows you to conduct business in Dubai, generally in the fields of creative, education, and media. Fundamentally, the business is in your name entirely.

A freelance permit is an extremely adaptable and reasonable approach to setting up business in Dubai. Especially with no need for a No Objection Certificate from your sponsor or employer.

Moreover, you are not required to take up an office space when beginning as a freelancer. Therefore, you will never have to adhere to any costly or lengthy lease. You can operate your business as per your preference of work setting, be it inside a coffee shop, home, or co-working space.

In addition, freelance permits are allowed for renewal, hence, you can pursue freelancing as long as you are willing to. On the other hand, you could shift your permit to a full business license after you have developed sufficient ongoing business.

How to get a Dubai freelance visa?

Probity Corporate helps you obtain a Dubai freelance visa in just a few steps.

The primary step is to fill in the application for your freelance license in Dubai. For this, you can apply to the Department of Economic Development, or a freezone in the Emirate of your desire.

Next, you will be required to submit your business plan, along with a couple of details about you and your predetermined business activities in each case. This generally comprises passport copies, application forms, passport copies, experience or qualifications proof of your selected field, and the bank certificates.

Acquiring a Dubai freelance visa is a fairly simple process, however, different business activities categorized in UAE and the lack of knowledge can often lead to confusion.

Our team of professional business consultants will take care of your freelance license cautiously. Your aspirations for freelance work in Dubai will now turn into a successful reality.

Some of the documents required to apply for a freelance license are as follows:
  • Passport and visa copy (applicable for at least 6 months)
  • Experience certificate
  • 2 to 3 Individual Reference
  • Resume/CV
  • Current photograph
  • NOC from your UAE sponsor
  • Bank reference letter


Q.1 Can I do business on a freelance visa in Dubai?

As per the new law, freelancers can now lawfully reside and do freelance work in Dubai. Applicants do not need to take office space and can apply for residency visas easily for themselves and their families.

Q.2 Is freelance in Dubai permissible?

Yes, freelance in Dubai is permissible. Freelancing in Dubai is allowed in some fields if you have a residence visa and freelance license in a few cases. To avail residence visa, you require to be sponsored by your spouse, or a family member, or a full-time employer.

Q.3 What is meant by a freelancer license?

The freelancer license provides businesses to get the experience and know-how in the local market, as well as, endow workers with the adaptability to work distantly from authorized locations. Applicants are not required to have a workspace and can easily apply for resident visas for themselves and their families.

Q.4 Can I travel in and Out of Dubai with a freelancer visa?

Visa holders can move in and out of Dubai with no limitations. Probity Corporate advises holders to not reside outside Dubai for more than 6 months in order to keep the visa official, as per the immigration regulations. Visa holders who reside outside Dubai for about 6 months will go through automatic visa cancellations according to the UAE Immigrations Guidelines.

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