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Probity Corporate provides the easiest way to get your trade license in the Dubai U.A.E. We offer a fast and easy online application process, with no need to visit our office. You can apply for your trade license through our website anytime, day or night. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process and ensure that your application is processed quickly and efficiently. We also offer a range of other services, including business advice and support, Business Licenses in Dubai and many more. Contact us today to learn more about our corporate trade license service in Dubai U.A.E. We offer one of the cheapest trade licenses in the UAE, and we guarantee fast and efficient service. Let us help you get your business up and running in the UAE the right way!

Business Licence Amendment in Dubai

To begin operations in the UAE, every business activity requires a Trade Licence from the statutory body that oversees and regulates the licensing policy. However, certain businesses dealing with regulated products require ministry-concerned trade licenses.

A trading license is mandated for all industries dealing with the import and export of furniture, clothes, accessories, electronics, etc.

However, regulated goods like alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical drugs, and frozen goods need permits from the authorities.

Nevertheless, all businesses must register themselves with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in their respective Emirate.

Probity Corporate works endlessly to provide hassle-free business license amendment in Dubai to new business owners.

Types of Trade Licences in Dubai:

Trade or Business Licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Application for a suitable license depends on the type of business activity specific to the applying company.

The four significant business licenses in Dubai are listed below:

  1. Commercial Licence: A trading company that wishes to sell products inside UAE should apply for this type of license. Trading companies based in Free Zones also need to apply for a commercial license. For instance, Real Estate Brokerage Companies, Car rental companies, etc. apply for this license.
  2. Professional Licence: A professional license is only a single individual providing a service in the UAE. Example: Accountants, auditors, teachers, professors, business & financial consultants, etc. get the help of providers of Business License Amendment in dubai
  3. Industrial Licence: Large industries & manufacturing companies involved in producing, procuring, and transforming natural materials into a final product must apply for an industrial license. Textile manufacturing & paper manufacturing companies fall under this category.

Business License Amendment and Renewal in UAE

A Business license in the UAE is valid for one year and demands renewal in order to carry on business. A business owner cannot continue without an expired license, however, they can change various criteria through business license amendment when the renewal takes place. Business license amendment in Dubai & UAE is possible since UAE licenses offer flexibility during the time of renewal.

Business license amendment in Dubai:

  • Change of Trade Name
  • Addition, Change or withdraw a Business Activity
  • Change in Business Location
  • Change or add any Management Details
  • Adding or Removing a Partner/partners
  • Amendment in Authorized Capital

Steps involved in Business License Amendment in dubai :

  1. Fill in the Registration Application and License Form: Service Centers and Happiness Lounge are the only two channels where you can formally request approval after selecting the required amendment.
  2. Gather Approvals: Government approvals are required if the business activity is regulated by a government department. Business License Amendment services are there to help you out.
  3. Submission of Supporting Documents: These include:
    • Documents needed to get a Trading Licence
    • Application form
    • Business Plan
    • Shareholder & Partner’s passport copies
    • Certificate from the bank
    • Notarized copy of Registry Identification form
    • Details of share capital
    • lPassport photo of the Director
  4. Updated Licence collection – Payment voucher is issued for the fees of the amendment after the application, documents, and the required approvals as mentioned above are submitted by the applicant. Taking help from Business License Amendment like probity corporate is worth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q.1 How can I change my trade license in Dubai?

There are usually four steps involved. First, submit the application form specific to your amendment. Then, collect business-related approvals from different government bodies. The third step is submitting all supporting documents. Lastly, pay the amendment fees issued after submitting all required documents. Get assisted by Business License Amendment services like Probity corporate

Thereafter, you have successfully changed or updated your trading license in Dubai.

Q.2 What changes are allowed under the Business Licence amendment head?

  • Change of Trade Name
  • Addition, Change or withdraw a Business Activity
  • Change in Business Location
  • Change in Local Sponsor
  • Change or add any Management Details
  • Adding or Removing a Partner/partners
  • Amendment in Authorized Capital
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