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Best Dubai Offshore Company setup In Dubai

Probity is valued for having extensive experience in setting up offshore companies around the globe in all the offshore Jurisdictions like BVI, CAYMAN, PANAMA, Seychelles, Belize, UAE, etc. Now offshore company formation in UAE is a job easier said than done. We stand by our pillars of complete transparency, one on one supervision support, reliability, and detailed oriented operations. We have been serving our prestigious clients with all the services in offshore company formation in Dubai for the last two decades.

Offshore company formation in UAE requires thorough knowledge of local laws and can be surprisingly difficult in some of the cases depending upon your business objectives and structure.

Also, demanding timelines might not let business owners take a thorough examination of compliance duties. Our expertise plays a vital role in this case. We fasten up the offshore company formation process by helping you stay in compliance with laws, keep you informed in case of any policy change and finally serve as your single point of contact for maintenance of the process.

We make a proper holding structure for your all-existing business through offshore companies to protect the interest of investors or beneficiaries.

Advantages of offshore company setup in Dubai:

  • 100% ownership
  • No capital gain tax
  • No income or inheritance tax
  • Asset protection
  • Succession planning
  • No restrictions on repatriation of 100% capital or profits
  • Full confidentiality
  • Bank account in UAE
  • Easy to manage the company

All that is needed for offshore company formation in Dubai:

  1. Passport copies of the shareholders.
  2. Proof of Address (utility bills, etc)
  3. Proof of Address (eg. Utility bills, etc..)
  4. Shareholders’ CV
  5. Name reservation (3 options)
  6. Bank Reference Letter (Original)
  7. Business type and activity

The offshore company formation allows companies to operate a business in UAE confidentially while also enjoying the perks that come along. This type of business doesn’t have an office & offers complete confidentiality over financial matters.

By definition, an offshore company is one owned by either an individual or an enterprise that doesn’t run business in the country of its origin. Probity Corporate specializes in fulfilling offshore company dreams and turning them into a functional reality.

The perks attached to Offshore Company Formation in UAE

  • No income tax, personal tax, or corporate tax
  • Absolute confidentiality & privacy
  • No UAE office requirement
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • No need to operate a business within UAE
  • Open to foreign currency
  • Close to global markets including the Gulf
  • Access to corporate bank accounts in UAE
  • Ability to be a shareholder in UAE
  • Low operational costs

Offshore Company formation in UAE

Probity Corporate comprises the process of setting up a business in offshore UAE into four simple steps:

  1. Submitting company name: The first step is to get your trade name and business activity approved. There are certain rules regarding choosing a name and Probity is equipped to help you find a perfect match.
  2. Submit the application for offshore business: Submit the business application along with standard documents (Passport copies of individual shareholders, Proof of residency for shareholders, Business plan with details of your business activities)
  3. Create a Bank account: Upon approval of all documents, you can open your company’s bank account in UAE.

Offshore company set up in Dubai differs from other jurisdiction norms

Offshore companies in the UAE have a low capital requirement. Hence, is a perfect way to reap your investments and let them grow. More Offshore features include:

  • No need for a corporate resident
  • No need for a local sponsor
  • Easy access to bank accounts in the UAE
  • No requirements to maintain books and records
  • There’s not a requirement for a resident visa
  • You can own real estate property in UAE
  • There’s no demand for shareholders or business owners to physically present for offshore company formation in Dubai

Business permitted in Offshore UAE

  • Advisory services
  • Consulting services
  • General trading activities
  • Owning property
  • Shipping
  • Ship management
  • Buy, holding, or selling stakes of companies

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Q.1 What are the legal things to be considered for initiating an offshore company or offshore bank accounts?

It is entirely, 100% legal to have accounts, funds, companies, assets, liabilities, reserves, etc. at any place in the world. Nonetheless, when you do not state profits or assets that should be given as per your domestic tax code, you will be fined and penalties would be given. The main elements are whether the profits and assets are reportable items in that particular year. Offshore company formation in the UAE is not prohibited but preserving information about offshore investments is completely banned.

Q.2 What is the rationale of an offshore company?

An offshore company functions as a corporate unit that is permitted to trade, procure assets and execute business activities lawfully outside of the authority where it is integrated. The offshore company set up in Dubai is not as complex as it seems.

Q.3 What is the legal structure of an offshore company?

Offshore Companies in UAE are offered 3 key jurisdictions:

The RAK International Corporate Centre is one of the fastest-growing emirates in the UAE. The RAK offshore doesn’t require any local shareholders for conducting business. They can also buy shares of local UAE companies & perform international transactions via multi-currency offshore bank accounts.

JAFZA offshore companies and Ajman free zone share similar features to RAK offshore. In short, the offshore company formation in Dubai is an easy process.

Q.4 Why do companies do offshore registration?

In several cases, if your company does not function in the country of registration, it holds no duty to pay taxes and file reports. The other causes for offshore compromise - admittance to banking and legal infrastructure, finances are confidential and safeguard while purchasing real estate, etc. With Probity corporate, your dream of the offshore company set up in Dubai will be a smooth process.

Q.5 What is RAK offshore company formation?

RAK International Corporate Centre, also known as ‘RAKICC’ or ‘RAK ICC’, is a Government corporate registry in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. It carries out the formation and registration of foreign/offshore companies while offering complete registration services. We are closely connected with RAK offshore company formation to provide you with full support and legitimation for your offshore business setup process.

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