‘We the UAE 2031’ Vision- The Next Decade Goals Set by the Government for Prosperous Future

‘We the UAE 2031’ Vision- The Next Decade Goals Set by the Government for Prosperous Future

The national plan titled ‘We The UAE 2031was recently launched by the government of UAE outlining the country’s path for the next decade. This national plan chiefly focuses on the economy, ecosystem, diplomacy and society.


The announcement was made by Dubai ruler and UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum at an annual senior-level government event in Abu Dhabi.


The Dubai ruler further said in a social media post: “It sets a clear map for long-term government work. Future generations will need foundations and pre-set tools that we introduce today, there needs to be an environment for growth, and this is something that we should think about from now,” 


What Does theWe The UAE 2031’ Vision Entail?

This latest 2031 vision follows the previous UAE Vision 2021 plan that was designed to boost the overall growth in the education, healthcare, sustainability and infrastructure sectors.


Another important aspect of the vision aimed to scale up UAE to the top positions in the world as the safest place. This is to ensure that their society is proud of its identity and has a sense of belonging.


The 'We The UAE 2031' vision seeks to double the country's GDP from AED1.49 trillion to AED3 trillion.


In addition, the UAE stated its intention to double the number of tourists to 40 million over the next decade, which is expected to contribute around AED 450 billion to the GDP.


Furthermore, the National Tourism Strategy, which was published earlier this month, is designed to attract AED100 billion in tourism investment.


The 'We The UAE 2031' vision also aspires to increase the industrial sector to AED 300 billion, including an AED 70 billion sophisticated industry sector.


Apart from the above-mentioned figures, the UAE wants to create AED 800 billion in non-oil exports over the next ten years, placing it among the top ten countries in the world in terms of scientific innovation and attracting foreign talent.


By reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 18%, the UAE intends to be one of the top ten nations in hydrogen energy production.


According to the WAM report, the four pillars of the UAE 2031 vision plan are as follows: 


Forward Society, Forward Economy, Forward Diplomacy and Forward Ecosystem.


Bottom Line

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