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The authenticity of a document or certificate is represented by attestation. Authenticating documents has really become standard all over the world. According to international law, any individual, organisation, or corporation wishing to expand their business opportunities abroad must have all commercial documents authenticated so that they are acknowledged authentic and legal in the foreign country's legal system. If you're planning to visit UAE for education, personal requirements, commercial practices or job and business, improper documentation may cause difficulty or even rejection in entering the UAE.

Probity Corporate offers document attestation services in UAE which are customised to meet a wide-range of requirements. For all types of business related factors, the process of document attestation in Dubai is mandatory to prove the document's authenticity. For instance, if you want to open a bank in Abu Dhabi, you'll need a business certificate attestation. Likewise, if you want to start a shop in Dubai, you'll require a commercial certificate attestation in Dubai.

Document Attestation services in UAE offered by Probity Corporate

There are countless documents associated with a commercial enterprise which are needed to be validated. Document attestation services in UAE provided by Probity Corporate are as follows:

Invoices: Probity Corporate will handle the process of document attestation in Dubai for you, whether it is an Export Invoice or a standard Business Invoice.

Certificates: Probity offers document attestation services in dubai for establishment certificate, registration certificate, stockholders certificate, certificate of incumbency and change of company name certificate.

Agreements: Arrangements between founder or affiliated companies, partnership agreement, Articles of incorporation and other documents require authentication by an authorised representative and verification of licensed professional. Probity Corporate will provide you all the significant information regarding attestation procedures for different types of documents in UAE, as well as carry out the required attestation services in Dubai to your full commitment.

Reports: There are certain kinds of businesses which chemical and physical analysis reports are required to be authenticated. Our team of experts will make sure that your reports are attested for the UAE. We provide the best attestation services in UAE.

Board of Directors: Documents that are related to the Board of Directors of a company incorporated in the UAE are required to be attested. We will take care of everything as we offer attestation services in Dubai in a timely and effective manner.

Packaging list: According to the legislation, your company's packaging list of items must be attested. Probity provides the appropriate business attestation services in Dubai for packaging list

Power of Attorney (POA): If you offer the power of attorney to a third party to manage your business, the POA must be authenticated by the relevant department or government. Our professionals will handle document attestation in Dubai for you.

Business license: You'll need the official seal and signature of the relevant authorities to authenticate your business license. Probity Corporate will complete document attestation in Dubai for you.

The process of attesting documents includes a number of steps. Checking documents, obtaining solicitor certification if necessary, obtaining an apostille certificate from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and obtaining legalisation from the UAE embassy are all part of this process. To execute this successfully, a lot of paperwork and couriers are required. Fortunately, our document attestation services in UAE will handle everything for you.

Probity Corporate will ensure that your order is finished as promptly as possible, allowing you to conduct business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or another major UAE city.


Understanding Document attestation and how it works ?

If you are planning to set up a business or obtain a visa it is important to get your documents attested by MOFAIC to verify and legitimize documents for use in the country. We have a specialized team to make this process simple and less time-consuming for you through our direct sources with MOFAIC.

How Document attestation affects setting up a new business in Dubai?

Document attestation is the first crucial step in determining whether you get a visa or allow you to set up a business as it gives you the license to make your documents available for only legitimate use by the authorities. It represents you. It is important for authorities to ensure safe and legal operations within the country and to safeguard the interest of the foreign nationals too.

What documents are usually attested ?

Our experts will help you arrange and make sure you have all the required documents for attestation. Personal certificates like passport, birth/marriage certificates. Commercial documents and certificates like Export Invoice, Power of Attorney, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Origin, Trading License and Educational documents and certificates as the need may be on the basis of your purpose of application.

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