UAE Green Visa: Definition, Advantages and  How to Apply

UAE Green Visa: Definition, Advantages and How to Apply

The UAE has been making great efforts to bring business owners, high-net individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals to come to the UAE with new business ideas to stay and invest in this country. That’s why the UAE government is continuously reforming its entry and visa issuance.


You can already see a five-year tourist visa that allows multiple entries into the UAE. Besides, there are Golden Visas and an average tourist visa in the UAE.


However, The UAE government has announced the launch of a Green Visa that  became effective on September 5, 2022. UAE's green visa is a type of residence visa that allows the visa holder to sponsor himself/herself for 5 years


Why Is There a Sudden Necessity to Launch a Green Visa?

It will be surprising for you to know that approximately 85% of the total UAE population comprises expatriates. This clearly indicates that there are a huge number of foreign workers who need easy entry rules to live in the UAE without any complications. That’s why the government decided to launch a new residence visa, the Green visa. The Green Visa is the easy entry solution to the UAE for expats who are willing to live and work in the country.


Who can apply for the Green Visa?

To become eligible for a Green visa, you need to fall under any of these three categories- 1. investors or partners  2. skilled professionals and 3. self-employed individuals and freelancers.


1. Investors or partners

If you apply under this category, you need to fulfil a few requirements. The Green visa is dedicated to investors who are planning to establish or participate in commercial activities. It will resultantly replace the previous 2-year residence visa.


Requirements include:

  • Approval of the investment as well as the proof of investment (In case you have multiple licences, the total invested capital will be calculated.)
  • An Approval of the competent local authorities.


2.Skilled Professionals

When you plan to apply for a Green visa under this category, you must fulfil the below requirements:

  • Proof of valid employment contract
  • As per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, you must be classified in the first, second or third occupational level.
  • You should earn a minimum of a bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Your salary should not be less than AED 15,000.


3.Self-employed Individuals and Freelancers


Below are the requirements

  • You should have proof of a freelance/self-employment permit issued from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • You should show the documents of bachelor’s degree or specialised diploma
  • Proof of annual income from self-employment not less than AED 360,000 for the last two years, or prove financial solvency throughout their stay in this country.


 What are the Benefits of the Green Visa?

  • Green Visa allows expatriates to self-sponsor themselves for five years.
  • Apart from this, the visa holder will also be allowed to get residency permits for his/her spouse, children and first-degree relatives. For male children, the residency permit is up to 25 years and for unmarried daughters, there is no age limit. The visa holder can get a residency permit for children with special needs regardless of their age.
  • You can also extend your stay for up to 6 months in the UAE even after the visa is cancelled or expired. 


Final Words

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