Liquidation of an LLC in Mainland- All You Need to Know!

Liquidation of an LLC in Mainland- All You Need to Know!

The UAE is a well-known business destination with lots of potential for business expansion. However, there are instances when business owners choose to move abroad, return home, or concentrate on a different line of work.

Additionally, not all enterprises can thrive in the dynamic and cutthroat market of the United Arab Emirates. Numerous companies around the world have been forced to close their doors due to an inability to foresee market trends. As a result, some businesses choose to liquidate.


Business Liquidation Near Me


What is company liquidation?

Suppose an LLC, a branch of an LLC, an offshore company, a free zone company, or a sole establishment ceases to be in business. In that case, the firm's licences must be revoked and the assets must be distributed among its owners and creditors in accordance with their rights.


Due to the extensive documentation requirements and participation of the pertinent authorities, the liquidation and licence cancellation processes are exceedingly complicated and time-consuming. The easy, more affordable, and quicker way to liquidate, dissolve, or wind up a company is to check on the internet for business liquidation near me to get professional assistance.


What is Mainland Company Liquidation in the UAE?

As previously stated, the dissolution, closing, or winding up of a mainland company which could be an LLC, a subsidiary or branch of another business, or a sole proprietorship is referred to as "liquidating a corporation." The procedure includes ceasing operations and distributing the company's assets to shareholders or creditors.


Who Needs a Liquidator?

You must appoint a liquidator if your organisation has one of the following legal structures:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Partnership (General and Simple Limited)
  • Joint Stock Corporation (Public and Private) 


What causes an LLC to be liquidated?

An LLC that lacks the financial liquidity to function can reduce losses by liquidating its assets. Issues with liquidity might develop when a company can't pay its debts in full or experiences a corporate crisis.


Liquidation Process in UAE


What is the process of Liquidation in UAE-based Mainland?

Let's talk about the liquidation procedure in two stages. Except for civil companies, all businesses must follow the method.


Stage 1.

The following steps must be followed by mainland enterprises during the first step:

  • Create minutes from the general meeting that is notarized and attest to the company's dissolution and appointment of a liquidator.
  • Obtain a letter of acceptance signed by a registered liquidator.
  • To request cancellation, complete the necessary form and send it to the Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (DED) or another authorised channel.
  • A certificate of liquidation will be issued by DED.
  • The liquidation notification must be published in local newspapers.
  • Debtors have 45 days from the date of issuance of the notice to file their claims.

Stage 2.

  • Send DED the letter from the liquidator and partners stating that no one has objected to the company's dissolution within the allotted time.
  • Obtain the appropriate approvals from various government bodies to terminate your licence.
  • The corporate card should be revoked at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MHRE).
  • Cancel the foreign partner's visa that was sponsored by the corporation at the relevant General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs.
  • You must submit all the aforementioned paperwork in order to obtain the DED's approval and learn about the dissolution fee schedule.
  • Upon full payment, a certificate of deregistration (cancellation of licence) will be issued.


How can we help with LLC company liquidation in the UAE?

For mainland corporate entities, liquidation procedures are required for two reasons. Your business licence must be renewed in a timely manner, and if the authorities are not informed of the closure, they will impose fines for failure to do so.


That will lead to unneeded expenses and complications. Additionally, if the company owes creditors money, you must repay them or distribute the assets or sales proceeds in order to settle the debt. Finally, you must divide the company's assets and properties among its shareholders in the case of corporations.


All things need to be done with utmost accuracy and within time. That’s why you must look for liquidation services near me on the internet.


Probity Corporate Services provider (PCS) can help you with all necessary paperwork and administrative clearances to dissolve your business on the UAE's mainland. 


We can facilitate you with  securing a liquidation report, getting NOCs from all concerned authorities, cancelling Visa cancellations, preparing documents, Step-by-step Supervision and overall easy processing.


Final Words

Simply the complicated liquidation process in the UAE with our transparent and dedicated professional assistance. 

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