Liquidation of An LLC in JAFZA(Jebel Ali Free Zone): A Handy Guide

Liquidation of An LLC in JAFZA(Jebel Ali Free Zone): A Handy Guide

JAFZA- one of the foremost and expanding free zones in the world, has the most driving components that are required for the flourishing UAE economy. In short, JAFZA reflects innovation and dynamism in addition to its unequalled reputation.


Liquidation of LLC in JAFZA– If you want to know about the process of company liquidation in Jebel Ali Free Zone, then below is step-by-step guidance for you.


Step 1.

First, the shareholders need to visit the JAFZA for an official signing in front of the authority. Next, they need to fill out forms and get an auditor appointment.


Step 2.

Completion of the Deregistration Form for FZCO/FZE


You need to sign the Deregistration form in the Registration section. You will be directed to submit all certificates such as the certificate of company formation, shares, audit reports, etc to the Registration section. You need to submit the liquidation statement from your company's auditor to the Registration section(applicable for FZE & FZCO). 


Step 3. 


Next, you need to apply for Dubai Customs, Etisalat and RTA clearance. In this procedure, the Termination section will request Etisalat to provide a report or clearance letter. And, you will be responsible to provide a clearance letter from the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to JAFZA.


Dubai customs NOC

If your company is registered they will be charged AED3150 and there will be additional courier charges.


In case, your company is not registered with Dubai customs- then you will be charged AED120 in addition to courier charges.


Step 4

The next big step will be to close all the bank accounts and get a Bank closure letter.


Step 5


Clearance from JAFZA Finance Department


Before you get any clearance, you will be asked to obtain clearance from all dues from the JAFZA Finance Sector. A liquidator would fill a report that will be reviewed and approved by JAFZA Finance Department.


Step 6.

Visa and Immigration clearance


You should be subject to cancellation or transfer of all visas under JAFZA sponsorship.


Step 7.

Customs Clearance (official letter)


Dubai Customs will provide an understanding report or a clearance letter when asked by The termination sector.


Step 8.

Advertisement in Newspaper


Once you obtain all the clearances, the JAFZA will publish the news of the declaration of your company liquidation in the local newspaper for 15 days. This is done to confirm that there are no third-party inferences toward the company’s Liquidation.


Lastly, the company license, manager’s visa along with registration of the company will be cancelled. 


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