Why is auditing and accounting a must for running a company in UAE?

Why is auditing and accounting a must for running a company in UAE?


Auditing is a compulsory task for multiple reasons in all tiers of business organizations regardless of being small, large, or medium-sized. First of all, it identifies frauds and protects the enterprise from misstatements. 

Auditing also provides direction to the company by confirming financial reports and presenting attested financial statements without discrepancies. 

Lastly, auditing maintains accounting standards that are applicable to the laws of the UAE. As a result, it assures the transparency and integrity of the organization’s finance, as well as, ensures that the business operates smoothly.

Dubai is a city of entrepreneurial aspirations, and one of the biggest industrial hubs in the world. Therefore, the list of the best audit firms in Dubai is quite impressive.

Here is a list of the best audit firms in Dubai:

1- PwC:

PricewaterhouseCoopers delivers high-quality assurance, taxation, and advisory services to organizations & individuals and helps create value and growth. It is indeed not only one of the top auditing companies in Dubai but also is also respected globally. Organizations and stakeholders who have worked with PwC hold confidence in the audit conducted and rely on the report.


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is not only one of the best bookkeeping and accounting firms in Dubai but is also extremely reputed as of the Big4 i.e. the best auditing companies in Dubai and the world. Deloitte provides risk management, audit, taxation, and financial advisory services. The company has over 225k employees and is the largest recruiter among the Big4. It is one of the best audit firms in Dubai with a massive client portfolio and substantial international experience. 


KPMG, of course, comes with an impressive brand image. It is infamous for delivering high-quality service along with exceptional dependability. The firm extends services in almost 155 countries all across the globe and is undoubtedly one of the best accounting firms in Dubai. KPMG is known for its versatility, international exposure, and expertise in taxation, auditing, and consultancy service.


EY is one of the most extensive networks of professional services in the world. It is one of the leading bookkeeping and accounting firms in Dubai, specializing in extensive audit assurance, transaction, taxation, and advisory services. EY shares strong beliefs when it comes to work virtue, clientele esteem, and professional zeal.

5-Push Digits Chartered Accountants:

Push Digits Chartered Accountants is not only a leading contender of the finest bookkeeping and accounting firms in Dubai but is also globally recognized. They have been regarded as one of the top accountancy and auditing firms in the world by The USA Today, Entrepreneur, Forbes, & The Denver Post. Push Digits values building long-lasting healthy relationships with clients regardless of their size. Moreover, the company features gifted auditing partners from Big4 firms, which helps Push Digits to deliver the same quality service at a much affordable price.

Why are Auditing companies in Dubai so crucial?

Auditing companies in Dubai play a significant role not only guiding companies in Dubai financially but also by providing audit reports that are often required by Local Government Authorities in Dubai, such as Municipality, Ministry of Finance (MOF), Federal Tax Authority (FTA), Insurance Authorities, and many more, for purposes including:

Management Requirement: Financial statements reflect the overall health of the business, and can simplify financial decisions like profit withdrawal or retention, business expansion, cost-cutting, etc.

External Party Requirement: Financial institutions like Banks, Finance Houses, even Private Lenders, demand an audited report from companies before providing financial assistance or funding.

Potential Customers: Oftentimes major business houses in the UAE mandate audit reports before listing an organization as a registered supplier.

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