How to set up a tour and travel company in Dubai

How to set up a tour and travel company in Dubai

UAE, and especially Dubai, is an excellent location for tourists. Of course, millions of people visit the country each year for business but a big percentage also comes over to enjoy the world-class luxury service, music festivals, the warm beaches & the famous landmarks. Moreover, Dubai is more infamous for being a popular shopping destination.

Therefore it is no surprise that the tourism industry contributes a big amount to the economy. In fact, it is forecasted that travel and tourism will make up almost 12% or more percent of the UAE GDP by 2027. 

Hence, UAE has been very strategic about creating & capitalizing on business opportunities that bring investors in. The country is constantly investing in modeling and remodeling infrastructure, improving transportation facilities, and hosting events to gather crowds from around the globe. 

Dubai is already a leader in the tourism industry, on its way to becoming bigger. If you are looking to join the industry, you have selected the best place possible. Dubai offers stability and a long list of business options that all have experienced major growth. 

Reasons to Invest in Travel & Tourism in UAE

As an investor in UAE, you will experience lots of benefits even as a foreign individual. The UAE government facilitates 100% ownership of companies across various industries, along with multiple tax exemptions. Alongside, Tour & Travel companies in UAE relish:

  • Tax-free Incentives 
  • World-class Infrastructure
  • High Revenue Industry
  • Government Support
  • Fast-paced Industry & Expanding Market
  • Available Office Space
  • Strategic Location
  • Tourist Attraction & Constant Growth

How to start a Travel & Tourism business

There are multiple options when it comes to Tour & Travel businesses, as discussed earlier. However, with a plethora of choices, come specific procedures required to attain a business license. Probity Corporate is specialized in this segment. We have an experienced team who have helped clients set up businesses all across the country without any hassle. With the following steps, we get you on the road to owning a successful Travel & Tour company.

1. Select a type of tourism business.

  • For instance, one can start a business in:
  • Lodging
  • Tour operator & guides
  • Event organizations 
  • Travel & Tourism consultants
  • Shopping

2. Get a tourism license from authorities.

3 . Choose a location in either Mainland or Freezone.

4. Register Trade name

5. Register your business & pay relevant fees

6. Open a bank account in UAE 

Tourism Business Activities in Dubai

UAE allows thousands of different business activities when it comes to tourism:

  • Selling tourism packages offline and online
  • Facilitate Travel insurance
  • Car rental services
  • Travel agency
  • Tour operator and more

Tourism-related Business Visas in UAE.

Inbound Tour Operator: This visa allows you to arrange trips for foreign visitors in the UAE.

Outbound Tour Operator: This visa lets you organize tours outside the UAE.

Travel Agent: This business license allows you to sell tours, tickets, & visit visas.

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