Cost of setting up a business in Dubai?

Cost of setting up a business in Dubai?

Following that, we'll offer you a quick rundown of a company setup cost in Dubai. We specifically state that these are simply estimates, as government fees may vary.  Furthermore, the government has recently made significant improvements to the process of business setup in Dubai, considerably simplifying the procedure and lowering startup expenses. Dubai is rapidly becoming a business city, with many companies preferring to transfer their operations or establish industries here not only for tax reasons but also to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle.



The cost of business setup in Dubai and operating a Freezone business in Dubai is determined by visa allocations as well as the Freezone itself. There are significant price disparities amongst Freezones. In the UAE, there are 45 free zones, however, most of them have similar activity lists and provide similar packages. As a result, choosing the ideal Freezone for a new business setup in Dubai is tough. 

We've dealt with the majority of Freezones and make sure the cost of setting up a business in Dubai is one that provides the best value for money and the fastest processing time. Our many years of experience will be beneficial to you. The establishment of a bank account is another crucial component. It will be nearly impossible to register a corporate account with many Freezone companies.


There is some encouraging news to report. The Freezone company setup cost used to be cheaper in one of the neighboring Emirates, such as Sharjah, Fujairah, or Ajman. This is no longer essential because Dubai Freezone company setup cost have been modified, and having a distinguished Dubai Freezone is only slightly more expensive. We strongly advise you to establish your new company in Dubai. It is not only easier to create a business bank account for a Dubai Freezone (5 days vs. 21 days in Sharjah), but it also has a lot shorter visa processing period (5 days vs. 21 days in Sharjah). A freezone company establishment in Dubai will cost AED12,500 (0 Visa License + office lease agreement+ 3 business activity). In other Emirates, for the Zero visa company, the price start AED5,750 for the similar service.

COSTS of OFFSHORE COMPANY/International Business Company-IBC  in Dubai

From 15,000 AED

If you plan to initiate an Offshore Company setup in Dubai, you should be aware that obtaining a corporate bank account with this company model is a challenging job but Probity Corporate will assist you for this also.

Bank opening for an offshore company or IBC is difficult because this corporate structure is misused by some people and banks receive notices on banking transitions.   

In recent years, the UAE government has worked with the Central Bank of the UAE to put an end to numerous wrongdoings and money laundering schemes by refusing to open bank accounts for non-residents of the UAE. These days banks are giving preference to those clients who are having at least one UAE residence visa under the company.  This is the most significant distinction between an Offshore and a Freezone company is that an Offshore company cannot receive a UAE Residence. 

You can get the UAE residence visa under Free zone or Mainland companies. There are some provisions to get the visa under Jafza offshore but it will be an costlier option in compare to getting visa from normal free zone company. Now Government also issuing the silver and golden visa on the basis of investment in real estate. 

Some agencies still claim that opening a bank account is easily achievable and would allow you to submit your documents to the bank and become successful at it if the documents provided are acceptable. However, if otherwise, the application may get rejected. 

Probity corporate offers services to help and assist foreign investors who are willing to start new ventures in the UAE. We have a great team of experts who are specialized in their respective fields to help the customers in every possible way for a fruitful business setup in Dubai.

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