A Handy Guide to Obtain A Real Estate Licence in Dubai

A Handy Guide to Obtain A Real Estate Licence in Dubai

Dubai is without any doubt, one of the popular destinations for international investors. There is no surprise in the fact that Dubai is one such place where the demand for real estate agents is rising quickly. In case you are planning to visit Dubai to flourish as a real estate agent, you should get a real estate licence to comply with legal requirements.


Why Choose to Become A Real Estate Agent in Dubai

There are a plethora of reasons to become a real estate agent, realtor or broker in Dubai. First, you will get the opportunity to work with the most expensive assets in the market: property. However, it’s important you have the right sales and negotiation skills to make a significant career. Working in Dubai can translate into a good amount of commission. In addition to the monthly salary and commission, leading real estate companies in Dubai facilitate their employees with other benefits such as car allowance, health insurance, housing allowance, etc.


Second thing, as a real estate agent you will get the opportunity to kickstart an interesting career. You can assist others to find their dream homes or other types of properties. You will get the opportunity to meet with a diverse or multicultural client portfolio.


One thing we should admit is that establishing a successful real estate career in Dubai is no easy feat. It’s a highly competitive industry, so be prepared to work hard.


Let’s Decode the Steps to Get Your Real Estate Licence in Dubai

In case you are planning to set up your own real estate business or become a real estate agent, you need to get your license. Now you must be wondering how to apply for a real estate licence in Dubai! Below are the steps to follow-


Get a Valid Residence Permit

You will be asked for a valid residence permit in the UAE in case you are an ex-pat willing to start your real estate career in Dubai. You can consult a visa expert to discover the visa and permit options in the UAE, and look for the applicable visa depending on the current scenarios and a long-term settlement plan.


Get RERA Certification

Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is the charge of overviewing the real estate professionals, businesses and practitioners in the city. If you want to become a certified real estate agent in Dubai, you are subject to take the RERA exam and pass the exam as well.


How to prepare for the RERA Certification test?

You can look for a dedicated and government-authorised training institute that offers the best training and certification programs for real estate professionals. You need to complete the Real Estate Brokerage Training Certification program since this is a prerequisite to applying for the RERA real estate broker exam to get a certificate. This also indicates you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for the real estate broker’s licence in Dubai. 


Get Real Estate Licence

When you are done with your RERA certification, next you will be asked to apply for a real estate licence from the Dubai Land Department (DLD). There will be a few steps in this process. These steps include a reservation for the trade name, getting approval for the No Objection Certificate from Dubai Economy & Tourism (DED), and finally submitting all the required documents to get the licence. 


Set Up Your Business

If you are done getting your real estate licence, now you have permission to establish your real estate business in Dubai. The Dubai government keeps the company formation process quite straightforward. However, you can always take suggestions from business set-up professionals.


Final Words

We can make the whole journey of obtaining your real estate licence in Dubai seamless. Our professionals will guide you from the beginning till the end to make sure you get your licence at the right time. Even if you want to renew your real estate licence in Dubai, we can guide you through all the necessary steps.


We can also guide you through business set-up in Dubai mainland and free zones. Schedule a consultation to discuss your licence requirements or business set-up needs.

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